Top 3 Time Savings

It’s exciting times… My very first online makeup course is in full production at HQ and I honestly can’t wait to share this with you.

While filming yesterday I realised that my style of teaching is all about ease. What’s the quickest most effective way from A to B! That’s because like you I don’t have time for padding or laborious box ticking. I mean, who doesn’t love a short cut, a trick, a hack or even a product that just makes life a little easier? Just something to get the job done quicker but no less effectively.

Ever since Mrs PR (looking 80’s fab with shoulder pads, big hair & heels) invented the 3 minute tea by dumping a box of micro chips and microwaved sausages on a plate and exclaiming ‘dinners ready!’, I’ve become an avid lover of all things easy and sometimes even life changing.

My top 3 time saving go to’s are:

.Dry shampoo… I mourn my teenage years for not having this magic in a can! I can’t believe this has been around since the 50’s… dry shampoo is life!

.Online shopping… My eyes glaze over when anyone complains about having to drag the kids round Tesco, moans about the parking or the lack of carrier bags, seriously… get online #eyeroll

.Reverse sensor camera parking… Oh my days, we live on a terrace and I need to park on the street multiple times a day. Is this sorcery even allowed on driving tests? Its so good it makes twinge!

I’d really love to know what your favourite time saver hacks are.. just pop me a message 🙂

I love to learn something new and I can’t wait to hear from you.

P.S As promised heres my latest quick hair hack form tips tricks and KitKat flicks …
Bet you never knew thats where I keep my hair pins!!!

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