Makeup May Be Flaking?

You have two options! Either walk away or go out there do and your best?!

Katy Perry is lying in prep in her dressing room minutes before her 2011 sell out tour performance. About to go on stage to a packed audience, her adrenaline saws as she hears the crowd chanting her name. Then her phone beeps and she receives a text from her husband citing he wants a divorce.

Have you ever had to put your face on just to get through the given moment even though its the last thing you want to do? You just want out. Every minute feels like 10, time slows down while your body aches with internal anxiety. you’d rather be anywhere but here right now… but your smile stays on!

You’ll never know how strong you can be till its the only choice you have. We are all guilty of occasional ‘fake it till you make it’ and ‘suck it up’ mentality. Imposter syndrome is a daily occurrence and social media is a cultivated story often orchestrated days, sometimes even weeks in advance. Real life stage face will always be one of life’s hardest tests.

It might be getting through working day while feeling like death (cue memories of working a magazine shoot with onset pneumonia before checking into A&E… happy days!). A family dinner with simmering tension around the table or even on the big stage in front of your waiting audience. You’re putting on the performance of your life and its unlikely you’ll ever get the applause you deserve. But always know you did an incredible job and that lack of acknowledgement is only a plaudit to your strength and faith in waterproof mascara!

While I can only cheerlead your performance from afar, I can give you my tried and tested pro makeup tips to keep that stage face flawless no matter what stage awaits you.

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