I Can’t Live Without These Apps!

Rounding up my current 5 favourite apps to tap…


Google Calendar

Definitely used multiple times a day, but this hasn’t been an instant overnight game changer. I had to slowly wean myself off paper dairies for over a year before fully committing and Mr WB is still in a committed relationship with his pocket diary. But.. I love how I can colour code my life, have separate calendars for work and family, while syncing up calendars with others. Mr WB & I share a wedding boss calendar so we roughly know what the other one is up to. This level of organisation and scheduling has been fantastic. You can also add files, notes and reminders and collaborate on projects. I’ve gone paperless… & I like it.



I knew what I needed in an app before I found this one. Its literally one tap to a brain dump. An online journal/notebook/scrapbook. Any thoughts, ideas or reminders can be saved under appropriate notebooks. Webpage links, social media posts, pictures and screen shots all stored together as if you were grouping postits. Its brilliant at storing all my content Inspiration as and when I need to save it. Its also really handy for saving any ‘I’ll read that later’ posts, just by saving the link.



Both Mr WB and I are big fans of podcasts and audio education. If you haven’t discovered the world of podcasts yet, you’re seriously missing out. Learning something new is exciting and opens up so many possibilities. But the fact that listening to a podcast means you can multitask.. while driving, doing housework or just in the bath (is a favourite of mine). Podcasts are an amazing educational and inspiring world to get sucked into.



Accounting software apps have been a revelation. Its often the side of business that we only do because we have to and even then, we often put off doing the books until its absolutely necessary. Going from manual input, calculators and spreadsheets to taps and swipes has become the biggest time saver in years to many businesses including my own. Bank accounts, invoicing and HMRC all run off this platform and what I love about quickbooks is that your journeys are auto tracked for you and receipts can be uploaded in seconds. This one app has saved me hours!


Shopping Apps

I cannot name one because I get weekly deliveries from multiple, including groceries, clothes, electronics and merchandise for my business. A friend once stated that if he couldn’t get everything he needed from either Amazon or Sainsbuys online then it wasn’t worth having!

I sometimes remember my own mother having to plan specific trips out to certain towns to get everything she needed, or dragging the kids round the supermarket late on a weekday, list in hand on the weekly food shop.

I appreciate this isn’t new technology but I was surprised to hear how many people aren’t utilising the time/hassle saving positives of online shopping. Tap the app and have anything you wish for appears at your door… I still think thats pretty awesome!

What are your ‘couldn’t be without’ apps for your business and life?…

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