Five Things You Should Be Doing For Your Business

New year, new you? Here’s a few ideas to get your inspiration going and get your business flying in 2019…


Social media

Get a grip on your handles, you know how important social media is and you know everyone else is doing it. Maybe you’ve got a healthy following, maybe not. But the chances are, you’re not committing the time or a strategy to your social media accounts. Think of your goals (drive traffic, build email lists etc) and think why you need to use social media as a business boss. Allocate time and make it part of your working week. I often shedule mine around my 11am chunky chocolate cuppa. Consider it a valuable investment of your time.


Make a hire

I know, I know, when you can barely pay yourself, but please consider the time/money payoff. Paying someone to do the benign, dreaded or mundane tasks which frees you up for more exciting and passionate work is a great investment.
It doesn’t have to be a big commitment or even related to your business. Maybe start by having a few hours of help round the house per week? This was one of my most satisfying investments. I get out of the housework, when I finish work I’m walking around a clean home and ultimately I’m freed up to put more hours into my passion and make more money.


Batch work

I’m putting it out there.. multitasking is dead and just because you can.. doesn’t mean you should! Close your tabs, shut down your messages and silence your phone and email, head down and dedicate all of yourself to one task. I can guarantee that with a bit of perseverance and a 5 minute made plan to your day, batch working will save you hours. You will also feel incredibly productive, accomplished and ready to ‘boss it’ the next day. Focus on one thing only.. it really works!


Reign it in

Too many fingers in too many pies? The wedding industry is particularly intricate, inclusive and network based. It runs on collaborations, associations and a lot of favours! The fear of saying no to any offer, whether it’s a magazine editorial, a group project, collaborative shoot or even just helping out another friend of a friend is strong. The urge to be part of everything and the worry that they might ask your competitor, who then might flourish off this one job you said no to is scary! But FOMO ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ means we put ourselves and our businesses at the back of the queue and often our goals are forgotten. Put your energy into yourself and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’. Do it once and it gets easier, I promise! Trust me I’ve had to link my fingers and drop a occasional match on some requests with gritted teeth and just trust that I was doing the right thing!
If you really want to collaborate and play with others, then of course, absolutely… just don’t over commit!


This is me

Drop the facade, be authentic, be personal and be you in personalising your brand. It comes down to the only thing setting you apart. People will rarely remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Your business should reach out and connect with your dream clients. So let’s get personal and put you ( yes you!) and your gorgeous brand out there!


All of these tips are easily actionable and implementing just one will make a difference. So no excuses, let’s do this.. & don’t be afraid to ask for help  CONTACT ANNA

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