How To Find The Perfect Blog Topics

It’s not simple, sitting down to write a blog. You know the importance of it for your business and keeping your content fresh and engaging whilst aiding your website SEO and building your brand. But where to start…?

Starting with what do your customers want to read about? What would genuinely help them? If a potential customer finds your blog useful and helpful during their problem searching journey, they will instantly feel gratitude and trust towards your brand.

Next address any misconceptions or problems a customer is likely to encounter surrounding your business. For example.. ‘why should I spend all my £££’S on a highly skilled, experienced and creative photographer when uncle Dave takes a decent shot and… and will do it for free’ (clue in the question!). OR ‘wedding dress shopping is terrifying , the shop owners are pushy and salesy, they don’t care how I look!’

Remember they are likely not to have much experience within your industry, especially if this is their first time and they are daunted by so many misconceptions. So address their concerns as to why your business is not like that!

Just ask them…
People love to give their opinion and feel listened to. Ask your target audience on either social media or email newsletter what they would like to read about. You will find lots of willing contributors

When clients enquire, what is the top question they always ask? We’re guessing this means that the information they need isn’t out online. From my own experience, the top 2 questions asked of bridal beauty wedding bosses is ‘will my makeup/hair stay in place all day?’ And… ‘Can you make me look like ….?’ Answer being yes absolutely and ‘we can but try’! If you blog about such questions, it’s likely to be searched, stumbled upon and ultimately bring traffic to your website.

What about SEO research? Yes its cumbersome and likely time consuming but this really will give an amazing insight into what your clients are looking for. Search engine optimization could give you weeks of hot leads and wedding biz blog topics!

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