Easy Content Creation with Forum Fishing

‘I need content!’ #simple


You may think that some business owners are natural writers and inspired content creators… well maybe some are, but whatever your style theres always a system behind the scenes.

For me, all my marketing starts with #content (with purpose!). Content for my blog, captions, tweets and social media attention grabbing posts. Heartfelt, personal, engaging content that serves! But creating quality content is often a real business boss struggle. ⠀

There are lots of ways (sometimes ingenious) of finding content ideas & here’s one of my favourites..⠀

‘Forum Fishing’ is about scouting & searching popular comments & threads on forums relevant to your business so you can see what customers are talking about.⠀

Make it specific to your business. Personally I search for ‘makeup’ and ‘makeup artist’ ⠀
Look for something that sparks comments, something juicy! For the bridal makeup topic, it’s often concerns over badly applied makeup and makeup artists having a reputation for being unreliable an unfortunate stereotype!) and how much to pay a makeup artist. Then ‘Boom’,  instant content inspiration! All you then need to do is just address any concerns perspective customers may have and talk about (educate) why they should book an amazing supplier like you! When real life struggles are searched online, your content is very likely to be stumbled upon by your dream clients. ⠀

Quality content can also be very easily recycled into captions, future blog posts and all social media. I have also created a Cordelia strategy to make this so easy and along with a little help from good old automation… total time saver! Would you be impressed if I told you I could create and automate a month’s worth of content, posting daily on 6 social media platforms in less than 6 hours??

Try some #forumfishing & let me know how you get on.. especially if you find out the latest wedding industry gossip ⠀

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