Anna Mason Cordelia

Anna Mason Cordelia

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Hi there I’m Anna Cordelia Mason

…A Makeup Artist proudly based in the North East of England. A wedding business boss and educator with a love of lipstick, really good coffee and Kitkat Chunky’s.

Just a creative Northern lass with an obsession for social media and online marketing thats easy and works for everyone.

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry… it became the same familiar story when I gave up London’s bright lights & came back to do the job I love where I feel most at home.

I set up my own business as a Makeup Artist 6 years ago. Along the way I’ve won a few awards, had my my work published and become an educator in my field. I live with a Mr Cordelia, 2 beautiful kids and 2 scruffy (but cuddly) cats.

You can find me working from my corner sofa, cross legged in ridiculously high (but oh so pretty) heels, computer on lap, surrounded by my forever understanding family.

I love being part of the industry, working with passionate creatives and aspiring (& established) entrepreneurs.

I absolutely love running my own business and showing people how easy it can be to succeed if you use your passion. Nothing gets me makes me excited than showing others how to grow successful creative businesses…

You really can do it too!