My Pinterest Strategy

After my guide to ‘How I Made Pinterest Work For My Business’ was so well received, I thought I’d divulge a few more secrets to my strategy, save time and drive mass traffic to my site though the power of Pinterest.

To crack Pinterest you’re going to need to release a gradual stream of pins daily of both your own and others content. However there is no way I’m going to spend hours a day doing this… bring on Tailwind

A Little Automation

Now here’s the biggie, you’re going to need some help. Just like most handles are run from behind the scenes with automation software (I actually use SmarterQueue) there is a tool out there to help you mass pin at the right time and automatically. Tailwind schedules your pin posts every day and keeps those views and clicks coming. Like any new bit of kit it needs a little play around before you get to grips with it. But also like anything once you’re away you can easily fill a month’s worth of pin scheduling in 20 minutes.

Tailwind do a great little video here to show you how quick it is to get up and running and if you just dedicate a little educational minutes in the beginning it’s a really quick learning curve.

This is my Tailwind strategy 

I go through a Tailwind binge every week or so where I create pins for my own blog content (if a viewer clicks on this pin it will take them to my site).
Every month I create about 20 new pins made of that months blog posts form my websites. I add these to my Tailwind queue to be released over the month. Obviously this isn’t going to fill up a month’s worth of slots so my next step is to  put out any new posts from my own social media platforms. For example I might have up to 50 instagram posts from last month.. all of those can be posted on Pinterest through tailwind scheduling.these pins won’t take searchers directly to my site but it will take them to my social media and hopefully indirectly to my site.
You can Tailwind shedule from any social media account or webpage. I shedule from my Instagram, Facebook and even Linkedin. Because I use SmarterQueue to schedule all my social media throughout the month, its so easy to find 100’s of my own posts across my platforms for the month.
The final piece of my strategy is to pad out my smart shedule slots with other’s content. It’s also really good for your alogrithms to share others pins and it keeps your account looking fresh.
I actually use Pinterest find suitable pins for me to pin. By turning on notifications I am emailed about pins I might find relevant and useful. Based on what Pinterest knows about my account and the key words used, I find these recommendations pretty accurate. While its not always good to be distracted I have found some awesome accounts and articles for this.
By using the extension browser on other Pinterest accounts, I can fill up the rest of my months slots with really useful and engaging content in minutes.
Have a click on this video on the tailwind chrome/safari extension which will make gathering all your content for pinning unbelievably easy and save you hours.

Tailwind is one of the more affordable apps at around £12 per month. But for the the money time ratio it’s a win win, as it probably saves me 30 hours a month.

As part of my commitment to take charge of my own SEO and website traffic. I also decided not pay for print advertising so I could relocate my marketing budget to things like this. Its a choice, but they do offer the first month free and based on the results you can decide from there.
Now apart from that, the occasional touch of interaction on your account certainly won’t do you any harm… it is social after all…one of my gripes with automation apps on social media is that they take away the ‘social’ aspect. Seriously, some Twitter accounts just run for years with no interaction, no personal tweets and nothing remotely social about them. so just going on the mobile app and doing a few repins etc, every now and again… engage with your audience.

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