Top 5 Handbag Beauty Hack Essentials



I’ve been asked to do a #vlog on what I actually carry in handbag. Turns out, quite a lot! But here’s an insightful start to my top 5 handbag essentials…



.Baby Wipes

Before, during the baby era & even when the kids move out.. an instant compact wet cloth (& lots of them) never stop carrying these or leave the house without them!


.Suisse Pen Knife


I’ve carried this little beauty for years. With at least 5 pull outs, its not just for the boys! My dad gave me a purse size version which comes with blade, philips screwdriver, bottle opener, nail file & scissors.. I’m ‘that’ girl that probably has what you need!


.Clean Underwear

My Nan always said to wear and carry clean underwear “in case you get hit by a bus.” I can think of various others reasons.


.Travel Size Toothpaste & Brush


I have this need in me to brush my teeth after eating & can’t be the only one doing this in the restaurant toilets surely?!


.Mini Makeup Bag

Consisting of decanted foundation, tinted lip balm & a kohl pencil plus 3 small brushes. For touch ups & changing a look in 5 mins (Tip: use tinted lip balm on eyelids & cheeks) Hair tie with 5 Kirby grips pinned to it. (Check out my Hair Hacks for why I do this HERE) Just a quick off the face or a full up do.. one band & 5 pins is all you need!


… in its own sixth category KITKAT CHUNKY(S)

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Anna X

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